Mindful Eating Diary


I woke up 20 min earlier than normal (usually I get up at 5:45 on the weekdays). So I took this time to shower and then head straight to my room to meditate. I did a 5 minute loving-kindness meditation, this guided meditation on Insight Timer always helps set my day even though it's a quick one. I always come back to that meditation.

After my sit, I went over my tarot cards I pulled last night for today. The message I got quickly was that I need to be fully aware of the voices in my head that are urging me to binge and fail. I also need to see that guilt may pop into my day, I match this up with dinners. I always feel guilty if I want to eat something different than what my husband wants to eat since he will usually just do what I'm doing. I need to remember that he can make a choice as well, I can't worry that he is just "settling" for what I eat. Do no feel guilty!

For breakfast I drank ice water and a big fresh cut bowl of cantaloupe. I sat there in silence to smell, taste, and chew each piece mindfully. I was surprised at how full I got so fast. I thought I would eat the whole bowl but instead I only ate half. 

I applied lemon essential oil to my wrists, that smell has made me smile the past few days. I also diffused Purification essential oil in the living room after my meditation. I do hope to make it back to my room today for a small yoga session, or bring my matt to the living room!


I really wasn't too hungry for lunch, but I know I needed to eat so I decided to take this chance to be really mindful on what I put on my plate. Lunch consisted of rolled up chicken, cotton candy grapes, and half a bagel with cream cheese. Now that lunch is over, I can honestly say I am full.


Earlier today I ran to the store and picked up chicken! So for dinner my husband made grilled chicken and diced potatoes. The potatoes were rolled in a bit of olive oil and then seasoned with rosemary, sea salt and a few other herbs and spices. So good!

I had some craving late in the evening so I filled a bowl of grapes and took them to the bedroom to read. While I'm glad I made a healthy choice for snacking, I wish I would have fought the urge more rather than given in. BUT, I was craving a Luna bar and I resisted. I kept taking deep breaths and focused on my breath, that helped immensely. I pretty much forgot about what I was craving and why.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -