Mindful Eating Diary

My routine this morning was a bit iffy but still fairly solid. It's Friday so I think I got excited, just slower than normal. I did my yoga and meditation, threw down some tarot and oracle cards for the day, and had breakfast. My breakfast was cantaloupe and half a bagel with cream cheese, I wanted something that would fill me up a little longer this morning and I think it did the trick. I did have a banana later as a morning snack, like 3 hours later.

For lunch, I used a big plate. I filled it with cantaloupe, grapes, and a wrap. Then also made a side salad! I was so full that I couldn't finish my wrap and had to put my grapes back to eat as a snack later. I filled up on salad and fruit first before the wrap (which has chicken, cheese, Laughing Cow spread, and wheat FlatOuts).

Dinner was on the grill tonight! We did sweet corn on the cob and boneless chicken breast. Chicken was so good!

Later in the evening I snacked on the rest of the grapes I had in the fridge and read more of the book Savor. I truly love and appreciate this book so much. I owe much gratitude to this book for helping me get on the right path, I feel like a warrior this week! I've done so well with my mindful eating and food choices. I did catch myself thinking about Burger King... and the double whopper I used to eat well over a year ago before dropping red meat. It was on a Buzzfeed YouTube video (they mashed together the whopper and big mac) and I had to close my eyes and breath to get past this craving. It's been over a year since I've had red meat and I plan to keep it that way!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -