When Foods Trigger

This morning I was heading to visit my parents and I felt hungry. I ate fruit for breakfast but I knew when I got home I was going to eat a snack after I dropped my daughter off, but then decided to head straight to my parents instead. On the way there I called my mom to see if she had any fruit there to snack on, she told me she had "apples and oranges", perfect! Then she went on to say she also just picked up some donuts...

First off, I was so angry that she even mentioned them, she knows I'm trying to change my eating habits. Naturally, my brain was getting excited and cheered for donuts but I fought... and fought... and fought, the whole drive there. I did my breathing "breath in - I am nourishing my body, breath out - I am nourishing my body" and so forth. When I had a couple streets to go still, that craving went away. I felt like I had a huge argument with someone and I was now calm enough to actually talk.

When I got there, I glanced at the donut boxes (there were TWO boxes) and went straight for the kitchen. Chopped up an apple and pulled out some cottage cheese, then walked away with my plate.

I fought the craving, I didn't give in. I told myself that while yes, donuts are tasty, they have no nourishment for my body. I told myself that I would regret it so much when I got home if I caved... and I even called the "Krispy Poison" instead of Krispy Kreme. Somehow adding the word "poison" in the title of fast food and snacks helps!

So, now that I am home... I feel damn proud of myself!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -