A small rant

One of the most annoying things is when someone comments on a picture on Instagram and tells you why it's not the best choice to eat and why. I know posting on social media opens you up to these comments, but I can still find them annoying. Not only do they bug me, but they can be triggering for me... it makes me start to second guess what I'm eating, which then leads to me questioning "why am I even doing this journey?". Luckily it didn't push me that direction, a few deep breaths and I'm fine again. I truly believe meditation has been helping me in this case!

I started to comment back about mentioning my past history with food and what choices I was making, but then deleted my comment because I realized that I don't need to explain my story to some random commenter. I don't have cheat meals or cheat snacks because if I did, then it would be a red flag that I'm on a diet... which I am not.

Just a little rant, I'm done :)
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