Another NSV!

My jeans have been getting looser and looser but I really didn't notice till this morning just how loose they are getting. They don't stay up at all, I'm constantly either pulling them up or holding on to them when I walk... so I caved and ordered a new pair of jeans in a smaller size!!! I started out on my journey at a size 26 women's and ordered a size 24 today!I haven't been in a size 24 in 6 years, I'm also 9 lbs away from seeing a weight that I haven't seen as well since then too!

I should have started this post with a different subject first but I was too excited not to share! A big victory for me today is my 1 year anniversary of no red meat! I cut out red meat a year ago and I'll admit, I had cravings during that month but I found substitutes for those cravings in the form of chicken tacos and burritos, as well as chicken sausage recently.

The main reason I cut out red meat a year ago was my insane addiction to eating not only fast food, but eating burgers at fast food restaurants. I found myself eating big burgers sometimes twice to three times a day... my favorites consisted of Ultimate Cheeseburgers at Jack in the Box, Double Whoppers with cheese at Burger King, or two McDoubles at McDonalds... it was bad! Even though I cut out red meat, I found myself replacing the burgers with chicken sandwiches at fast food restaurants. It wasn't until a month ago when I decided to just cut out fast food completely. I really think that cutting out fast food has been a big factor in my current weight loss!

This morning after my routine, I whipped up a healthy breakfast of a chopped up apple, strawberries, and cottage cheese. The strawberries were a tad on the bitter side but still good, they made the apples taste amazing! Fruit has been working really well for me for breakfast, it's a breakfast staple!

I've really been thinking about the trip I'm going on next month. My daughter and I are going to Placerville, Ca with my Dad and Mom for about a week to visit my grandparents. We will be in a car together and my biggest fear is fast food. I'm on day 25 of no fast food and I plan to keep going strong so I really need to plan ahead for this trip. I'm already aiming to hit up the grocery store when we get to our hotel and stock the fridge with cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and lots of fruit!!! There is a full breakfast every day at the hotel too and I read they have fruit in season at the bar, so I know for sure breakfast will be really easy for me.

Lunches are a worry, but dinners not too much since my grandpa will be grilling a lot while we are there. So grilled chicken, corn, and salads will be my crutch on this trip... and I'm quite ok with that, love those! I'm bringing a cooler with me for the car to keep my own snacks and things in. There will be another cooler in the car but I don't want to have to keep reaching in to get my things out only to see other items that I don't want. This should be interesting! lol
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