Confident at any weight!

One of the most important things to me during this weight loss journey and healthy habits is feeling confident at every size I am. I'll be the first to admit that I've had my share of unhappiness when I was at my highest weight, even at a few pounds under that. Today I looked in the mirror and I smiled. Not only am I feeling better, but I love my body right now. I'm almost out of the 300's and feel like a Goddess today regardless of that number!

This morning I forgot that I didn't chop up fruit last night, so I sliced up an orange and made it breakfast with a side of cottage cheese! I was in the mood for some coffee, so I mindfully poured my coffee, gave it a deep inhale to breath in the aroma's and mindfully sipped away. If I eat or drink something I really don't feel is healthy, I make sure that I am mindful with every moment, it helps me control how much I eat or drink. I only finished half of my coffee and I was content. I'll note, it's not the coffee that is unhealthy, it's the flavored creamer I like to use lol I can use healthier things in my coffee, but this is my enjoyment so I won't change. I only have a glass of iced coffee once every few days, used to drink a pot of coffee a day... which led to about half a container of flavored creamer! Ouch!

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