Grocery Shopping + Meals

Today turned crazy busy when my husband got home from work. We had to run to Sprouts, and then to Fry's grocery store for... groceries, doh! I picked up some new things to try out, one of which is Dave's Killer Bread! I was recommended this bread a couple times on Instagram so when I saw Sprouts had a BOGO sale on it, I picked two loafs up. They only had this kind left in stock and I think we bought the last two breads on the stand. I'm glad this was the last because it was the one I wanted to try!

I also grabbed some cracker snacks called Way Better Snacks and I grabbed the Rosemarry Me & Olive Oil. They look super good! Normally my snacks consist or fruit, veggies, or greek yogurt.

I love getting home from the store and seeing all the healthy food we bought. There is so much not in this picture but I wanted to take a picture of a fraction of the haul tonight. Not shown are strawberry pints, apples, romaine salad bags, carrots, and more! I'm so excited for my meals for the rest of the week!

A little recap post for the day! I mentioned earlier that I was making a taco salad for lunch but didn't have a picture yet and now I do! It was delicious! This has been a repeat meal I keep coming back to, it's so good. Tomorrow marks my one year of no red meat and before I dropped it, beef tacos were my favorite thing ever! So once I started making chicken tacos and burrito's I was hooked, I think that helped me ease my transition away from beef. I'll be doing a post on my "anniversary of no red meat" tomorrow!

For dinner tonight my husband cooked up some of the feta & spinach chicken sausage links we picked up at the Sprouts butcher counter. O.M.G.... someone recommended these on Instagram last week, so while we were there we decided to grab two of the feat & spinach ones, as well as the Garlic & Parmesan links. Dinner tonight felt like I was eating at a restaurant, it was amazingly good! These are instantly a new favorite! I had my link chopped up with a big salad, I mixed some of the chicken sausage into my salad... so good!

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