Happy Autumn Equinox

While waiting at my daughters school this morning (in my new smaller jeans!!) I started thinking about some changes that I've been noticing with my weight loss. In that moment, I physically and mentally felt amazing!! My size 3x tee's are fitting like they should now, I was in a 4x but rarely bought that size so my shirts were a bit tighter. I'm hoping by the first of the year I will be in a 2x!

I've also noticed that my stomach is shrinking, it used to feel and look bloated, it's starting to flatten out, still there but it's not right in your face lol

I have a hard time mentioning "weight loss journey" on my social media. One big reason is most people assume if you are working on losing weight then you must hate your body... that is so not true for me. All bodies are good bodies! There are women larger than me who can run a marathon. There are women my size who can bend like no other in a yoga practice. Every body is different and everyone carries weight differently. Some are naturally larger, just like some are naturally smaller.

I know for me, I am overweight because I made poor choices in my childhood and adult years. I ate like crap and thats why my body feels like crap. Now that I switched to normal portions and healthier options, I'm starting to see my natural body shape little by little.

I love my body at 320 lbs, I love my body now, and I will love my body when I'm smaller. Ok, rant done! lol

For breakfast, I decided to switch things up and have some plain greek yogurt and 1/4 cup granola with a banana. I'm so glad I didn't feel the pasta this morning, I was afraid it would really make me bloat but it didn't. Whew! I hate that bloated feeling so much!

I've been having a Grande size cup of iced coffee a day the past 2 days. I saved my Grande Sbux cup from my iced Chai I had last week and have been reusing it at home! For a while I went a week and a half with no coffee, I was surprised! lol I didn't cut out my iced coffee but I do limit it to one a day if I have one. I also didn't cut Sbux out of my plan as well, but I made some rules for myself:
  1. I must drink a bottle of water before drinking an iced coffee or chai at home. This way, I know I am not replacing water with the other drink.
  2. If I go to Sbux, I only allow myself to get a Grande (no more Venti size) and be mindful of what I get. I normally get an iced chai.
  3. When I drink my iced coffee or chai, I must be mindful with each sip. This way I savor the drink and don't just chug it down and want more.
Dinner was grilled on the BBQ! My husband threw on some chicken for me and brats for him. I chopped up mine and threw it on a big salad! After dinner we all took a 1/2 mile walk in our gated community. There were two others walking as well, nice to know we are not alone in this journey!

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