I may have cheated....

... with my weigh day! I decided to take a peek at the scale this morning since I know I will be gaining a couple lbs for a few days thanks to mother nature (hopefully she doesn't hit on Friday and I can do my normal weigh day)!

So I decided to check in today and... drum roll please.... I'm down 3.4 lbs so far since Friday!! I was really bloated last week, so I'm not too surprised to see a bigger drop after Friday. This brings my weight loss to 20.8 lbs so far but I'm not doing an official "weigh day" post until Friday, or next Friday... depending on mother nature this week. I made it a rule for myself not to count my weigh day if I started. It can be a mood crusher!

This morning I had a big bowl of cantaloupe and watermelon, did my normal yoga/meditation routine, and took a walk when I got home! I'm currently making lunch, which is leftover grilled chicken and rice from last night and turning it into a taco bowl! I skipped my snack this morning only because when I looked up at the clock it was 10:30 and I really didn't want to eat a snack that close to lunch time.

Yesterday I downloaded the app called Habit Streaks. It's like a goal tracking app and you can actually earn color themes for the app as you continue to track (I know, not that exciting but I thought it was cool). Love it so far! I have most of my main goals and habits set on it right now like two walks a day, eating mindful (I put 3 on there for the main 3 times of the day for meals), writing in my gratitude journal, etc. It's only on iPhone from what I gather but I dig it!

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