It's Monday!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to do a little check-in on the scale since I felt like I really overdid it yesterday... and to my surprise I'm down almost 1lb since Friday, so apparently it was all in my head lol Looking at my food log, I ate under my calorie budget and walked almost 6,000 steps. I think spreading out my lunch a bit yesterday is what made me think I ate too much, when I didn't.

Anyways, enough of that chatter lol! This morning I had a fantastic yoga practice. I got up at around 4:45 am this morning instead of my normal 5am (I had to pee, badly) so I got to step on my mat a little earlier than I do and I got to really embrace the moment and forget about time. I love when my practice just flows and I have no worries to hurry up or skip a certain pose due to time restraints. I mixed in some Yin yoga as well. I really need to order a bolster, I'm using my foam blocks for arms rests when I'm in Pigeon Pose and I think a bolster would be more comfy, plus I can ease into the pose slowly rather than from block to floor.

I had a great "repeat" breakfast! Let's be honest, fruit is my go-to breakfast food of choice! It wakes me up, fills me up with energy, and it taste delicious! I have been filling my plate the rest of the day with veggies and sometime fruit.

Found a gorgeous feather on my walk, I have been picking some up here and there as they call to me. I saw a big black feather at my daughters school but I left it behind, some of the black birds I've seen lately have been pretty rough around the edges, so I didn't want to touch that feather lol

Thought I would share another "tool" I use daily. I've been using the app Streaks for about 2 years now, I don't think the app is available anymore but there are other similar apps like it I have seen. I started out using this app to track my days I have been soda free, it all started with a challenge someone mentioned on Instagram (no soda challenge for 30 days)... and I just kept going! Once I hit a year of no soda, I decided to finally give up red meat. I mentioned before that I didn't just give up red meat for health reasons but only because I would sometimes eat up to 3 fast food burgers a day!! I knew giving up red meat would force myself away from burgers... then I switched to chicken sandwiches.... that has now turned into a challenge of no fast food!

So looking at my current streaks (with not one cheat, I'll add!) I hit 785 days of no soda, 370 days of no red meat, 30 days of no pork (for ethical reasons), and 30 days of no fast food!!! The no fast food thing is really the main part of my health + weight loss journey!

Since we are kid free today, we ran some errands and just enjoyed the time. We ran to the used bookstore and found an awesome Buddha poster we will frame! Food was taunting me hardcore while out, I had a lot to eat for breakfast but lunchtime was creeping up and everywhere we went was either a fast food chain or a donut shop... donuts are a huge trigger for me! I love donuts! So we decided to head to the grocery store and make lunch at home, great choice!

I ended the day with a chicken taco salad and it was so good! I didn't make any cilantro-lime rice this time, forgot to pick up limes at the store, but it was still good. I love sour cream, that is one thing I will not cut out of my health plan lol

After dinner we all took a walk before the storm hit. We have a massive storm about to hit us anytime now, the news is saying it will flood so we are hoping the rain doesn't flood out backyard enough to come to the patio door... but we have towels to roll up in case, luckily we have all tile through the house.

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