Lots of walking today + Mindful Knitting + Jogging!!!

Today we went to the Arizona Science Center and I got a lot of walking in! It was packed since it was a free weekend, but it was still fun. We will have to go back when it's not free so we can actually enjoy it a tad more without lines and crowds. I set my step goal to 8,000 steps today, normally I have it at 3,000 steps now. I'm already almost to my goal and the day is still young. I would love to hit 10,000 so I can earn a badge... this Fitbit is really motivating lol

I really don't keep a goal right now for Miles, Calories to burn, and Active Minutes, but the more I use this Fitbit I'll be able to see where I normally range and see if I can set a goal then. LOVE this Fitbit Flex, best thing I bought myself all year, I'm trying to convince my husband to get one now so we can have challenges!

For lunch, instead of sitting at a restaurant, we decided to swing by the grocery store and pick up a few things to make lunch at home! I would call that a victory since it's so easy to eat out but I chose not to. High five!

I made a big salad with feta, mozzarella, and left over fets & spinach chicken sausage with ranch. So good!

This evening I casted on a new knitting project! I wanted something mindless to knit so I can practice mindfulness with knitting. I'm already in love! I've been hoarding this skein of yarn for 5 months in wait for the perfect project to come along. I was going to knit a beanie but I just don't wear hats and wouldn't be able to enjoy the yarn that way, so my next choice was a cowl for Winter! The yarn is by Countess Ablaze in the colorway "But are you a mortal or Goddess?". It's worsted weight and an amazing soft blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon. Madly in love! Pattern I'm using is Yellow Brick Road on Ravelry.

Dinner... was hard! I couldn't decide what to make, a few things sounded good but I knew one thing was for certain, chicken. We marinated some chicken breast and added fresh pressed garlic, also made some diced potatoes in mix of herbs. It was so good! I chopped up my chicken in small tiny pieces so I could fully savor every last bit.

After dinner we all went for an evening walk and I hit a major milestone for myself. I was able to jog fairly long stretches without a problem. This is huge for me! I went from barely being able to walk 5-10 min with feeling like I was dieing, to now being able to do a jog... I even ran at the end of our walk to the house. I loved every second of it! I can't wait till winter so I can jog more. If it weren't for my pants falling down every 10 feet I would have jogged most of the way.

Also, I hit my 8,000 step goal during our walk! Score! most steps I've done yet! Can't wait to hit 10,000 one day!!
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