More Walking + New Jeans

First off, this morning I walked further than I normally do! Normally I just walk once around our gated community, which is just over 1/4 mile. Today I decided to keep walking and I ended up going twice around, which is a little over 1/2 mile! I really wanted to go once more but the humidity was getting to me (it's currently pouring rain outside). Loved passing this little milestone, little by little I'm making big changes!

Later in the afternoon my husband swung by JcPenny and picked up my new jeans and they fit!! They are a size smaller and I'm both in shock and excited! in the back of my mind I didn't think they would fit right away. I have a pair of Old Navy capri's in my closet that are a size 24 as well, but they don't even get close to zipping up, and compared to my size 26 they are like literally 3 sizes smaller... so I have a feeling that style runs small, which is really common with Old Navy jeans I'm seeing based on the reviews. So I was mentally planning the new pair not to fit based off of those ones. I was so wrong! I got these jeans for a killer deal, they were $60 marked on sale and I had a $10 coupon, bringing them down to only $24!!

Breakfast was the same as I always do, fruit with cottage cheese, so I won't bore the blog with more breakfast pics lol For lunch I had a sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread (Good Seed) with some rosemary & olive oil crackers with fresh mozzarella. So good!

Dinner was pasta. I try to limit my pasta so I had my portion in a 1 cup bowl and I didn't finish it, so I'm proud of myself! I had it with a nice size salad with feta. Later in the evening after our walk I had a cup of fresh chopped watermelon, I try not to snack at night but I was really wanting a snack and I figured fruit is a safe snack!

Every week I'm so excited for Friday! I actually look forward to weigh days since I haven't cheated once on my journey since I started it on August 5th! Seeing 31 days clean of fast food is a big accomplishment for me, if I can do this... anyone can surely do it!!

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