Other than my daily yoga practice, I've been trying to get moving more. One of my favorite exercise is walking, yet it is one I struggle with. I have feet pain 24/7, as well as hip pain when I walk too far, even if it's for a short distance. Every morning when I take my daughter to school, I park across the street and walk over. It's only about 1200 steps both ways, but still, for me that is a lot. I've been doing this mini walk every morning since mid August.

Tonight after dinner I decided to start another new routine, walking after dinner! For dinner I made a taco bowl that was purely amazing! I was full and I wish I had gotten a smaller portion, I wouldn't have eaten so much for sure. So walking did help! lol We live in a gated community, so it's safe, we also have sidewalks and nice shaded tree's in our community. The entire walk is only .3 miles, so it's not very long but I realized something after I got home.

  1. I had zero hip pain, I think my yoga practice is helping this!
  2. I didn't break a sweat till we were just about to our house. Mind you it's humid and 93° out, which isn't too bad living in Az.

I felt awesome when I walked in the door. I wasn't gasping for air, I was able to talk calming and didn't hurt anywhere! I'm going to attempt to walk this again when I get home in the morning after dropping my daughter at school, then again after dinner. That's a little more than a 1/2 mile a day, not including my yoga in the morning. Little steps, little changes.

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