New badge on Fitbit!

Last night I was so close to hitting 10,000 steps, I was about 1k under... so I started walking around my house! I walked and danced for 1k steps and hit the goal! I got a new badge on Fitbit!!

It was a kinda quiet morning, my daughter woke up a little after me this morning but she didn't mind if I close my room door for yoga so that cats wouldn't come in. I laid down my "new" mat that I've been storing and didn't want one of our cats, Fish, to tear this one up like my last mat. So for now on, my mat stays up unless the door is closed. This worked out perfectly! I got a nice yoga practice in, added Dolphin Pose and Bridge Pose to my flow.

Had a really nice big bowl a fruit for breakfast with cottage cheese, along with a bottle of cold water and 1/2 a lemon squeezed in. We picked up a new lemon squeezer... where has this thing been all my life?! We got twice as much juice from the lemon this time.

After breakfast I took a solo walk and was able to jog 1/3 of the way!! Baby steps! If it weren't so warm out I think I wouldn't be as worn out, really wanting a treadmill more and more everyday!

We went to visit some friends today and they had out lots of veggies and fruits to snack on! I filled up midday with these, as well as some deli turkey rollups with a bit of cream cheese inside, they were good!

When we got home I was still hungry since I really didn't eat a lot, so I heated up some leftover grilled marinated chicken, a bit of fresh mozzarella, and some rosemary & olive oil crackers.

I got some knitting time in for a bit today, as well as some walking. I feel like I over ate today but looking at my food log (I've been tracking on the weekends) and I'm way under my calorie "budget". So I must just be very full. I'm second guessing my dinner tonight, which was eaten late, and was 2 small slices of Newman's Own "Thin & Crispy" Multi-Grain Crust with Flaxseed pizza. It was about 224 calories for 2 slices, and I had mine with a big salad. I feel good about my choice, but I just don't feel I was that hungry to eat, but I needed to eat something... I had around 700 calories under my budget... so I really needed to eat a bit more. I keep at 1,700 calories a day or less but I never go under 1,200. I usually hoover around 1,400-1,600 on average.

I may hop on the scale tomorrow morning and do a little "after weekend check-in" lol!

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