New Things and Flow

It's Labor Day and all I'm doing is kicking back today. My feet have been in pain this weekend and I think I finally figured out why... flip flops! This is a given for sure, but I have been in denial for years. I adore flip flops, the thinner and floppier the better. It's time to ditch them and slip on my Saucony's from now on. My yoga practice this morning helped a bit though! I've been adding more to my morning yoga practice, today I added the Reversed Crescent to my flow. I'm feeling more and more thrilled with my practice, today's flow was on point! Not that I'm focused on that, it just feels good when I have a nice flow practice.

For breakfast I tried a mango for the first time! I've had mango flavoring like in tea and such, but never just the fruit as is. I think I'll try one cold next time, it was good!

This week I'm fully focused on cutting more processed foods out of my meals. For lunch I made another Chipotle inspired plate. We grilled last night, so I have a lot of grilled chicken left. I whipped up a half cup of brown rice, half of a grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, a sprinkle of cheese, and sour cream. I'm obsessed with this meal! It's so good! I found a recipe for Chipotle's Cilantro - Lime Rice I want to try and make next time.

Today has been filled with sweet moments. I found one of my cats, Fish, sleeping under my cat scratched yoga mat. Too cute! He has destroyed this mat but luckily it was a cheap one from Target a couple years back. I use this mat for my daily practice but have a nice new Orla Kiely mat rolled up, waiting for him to calm down with the scratching... or at least when I can do yoga in peace, he likes to join me every morning. I'm so grateful to have my own room for yoga, sewing, and meditation. I have yet to find a name for this room and I'm still moving things around little by little to fit my needs while I'm in there.

Dinner was so good tonight! We picked up some Garlic Green Onion Chicken sausage at the butcher yesterday, so good! I had one chopped up with a big salad with feta, pink of cheese, and ranch. I will have to pick more of this up again for sure.

I think I did really well today! I got a lot of walking in with moving furniture around the house most of the day as well!

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