Pose Progress

Almost forgot to post today, I am super tired tonight so I'll make this a short recap! My yoga practice this morning went amazingly well, it was the first time I felt fully engaged in my flow. I added Locust Pose and Reverse Crescent Pose to my flow. My King Pigeon Pose is starting to get easier, I can grab my foot (not overhead)!

I didn't take too many pictures today, but for lunch I had a big salad. I didn't eat lunch till about 1:30pm today, I was so hungry but we were out running errands and I refused to eat fast food. Glad I waited, it was so good.

For dinner we had a BBQ with some friends over. I ended up having some diced potatoes, grilled chicken, and half of a corn on the cob. I had cravings bad tonight! I fought through them by starting a new puzzle tonight. I know it's my habit brain trying to push me off track, I got this!

While out today I picked up a new Himalayan Salt lamp! I have a candle holder one, but I've been wanting a plug in one so I don't have to worry about leaving a candle lit. This is now my favorite cozy spot in the living room.

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