Signing up at Curves + Polar HRM

This morning before I headed home for my walk, I made a plan last night that I would head over to Curves gym to get some info. I did just that! Luckily there is one right down the street from me  right behind a fast food chain, naturally. I talked with a woman there about the rates and such, going to sign up on Wens!! Very excited! My plan is to go there Monday - Friday right after I drop my daughter off at school. So I may swap out my morning walks with the gym, I think I may be pushing it big time if I go workout there, then come home and walk a 1/2 mile. At least for now!

We are hoping to pick up a treadmill in the beginning of the year, so that will be a lot nicer to use, especially in the Summer. It's in the 104-107° this week, yuck! I was sweating buckets this morning after my walk. I almost settled with 1/24 mile but pushed myself to do another lap to make it 1/2 mile. I'm glad I did!

In my excitement to sign up and start my workouts at Curves, I'm going to sew up a new gym bag for myself! Since I'll be going there directly after I drop my daughter off at school, I will be changing into my compression leggings when I get there. Plus... it's fun to have new things for new adventures!!

Ok, now that I'm done chatting about Curves, I'll mention some meals today. Breakfast was one of my usual, cottage cheese with fruit. Lunch was really good! I picked up some organic whole carrots the other day at the store, so I chopped up my own carrot sticks instead of use the bagged petite ones... so much better! They were such a difference in taste, no more bagged carrots! I paired them up with a sandwich with honey-maple glazed turkey, mayo, and provolone on Dave's Killer Bread (Good Seed thin sliced). Tomorrow is grocery day, finally!

All morning I have been trying to locate my Polar watch. I literally went through every box in our garage and walked back into the house dripping in more sweat than I did on my walk. I finally gave up and started shopping at prices on Amazon and added a new Polar FT4 (in green) to my cart to hold till this weekend... I came home from picking up my daughter and two stacked boxes caught my eye near my daughters room. I thought both boxes were filled with photo albums that my husband was looking through a couple weeks ago... decided to take a peek in the top box and to my surprise, I found all the items I have been searching for lately, including my Polar!!! It was like Xmas! Not only did I find my Polar watch and strap, I found my body measuring tape and my iPhone tripod stand, so now I can attempt to get some yoga pose shots to compare for progress. Yay!

I didn't take measurements in the beginning of my journey, so I'm going to take them tomorrow as a "starting" point, then check them at the end of each month with my body progress pictures!

I'm almost embarrassed to post this picture! I took my Polar out for a test drive since it has been at least a year since I've used it. We did a quick 1/2 mile walk and I burned... 62 calories. I'll admit, when I saw how little I burned I got super jealous of those people who post pics that burn like 300+ calories (mind you, they are doing like an hour of fitness... but still). I'm excited to take it with me on Thursday to Curves though!

ॐ Jess

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