Small Victories, and Lunch!

Over the weekend, I saw Old Navy online had a Labor Day coupon, as well as lots of online deals. So I decided to cave and ordered a new sports bra and fitness top. My plan was to buy the top a size smaller so that when I wear it for winter out walking, it would (hopefully) fit. I decided to try it on now to see where I was and to get an ideal of when I would be able to fit in it. To my shock, it fits now!! I was so happy I nearly cried. I normally only buy tops in 4x at Old Navy, the reviews had mentioned that the shirt was true to size, so I knew it wouldn't fit right away. How awesome! That was for sure a little boost I needed to keep going!

Another mail day goodie was a new book! Since I'm nearly done reading Savor I decided to check out Thich Naht Hanh's pocket book called How to Eat. After flipping through it a bit, I can tell this will be a good little companion book to the other! It's small enough to throw in my pocket or bag, and that is just what I plan to do!

I'm going on a trip next month to visit my grandparents with my Dad and Mom, so I want to be prepared. I know on trips people tend to slack a bit and I don't want to that, I want to stand my ground with my mindful eating, as well as no fast food and junk food. So I'm already planning to bring my own small cooler for the backseat where I can stash some healthy snacks and maybe even pre-made lunch so I don't have to grab something fast while in the car. I'm already ok with eating a few places, there is a Chipotle right across the street from our hotel and I know I can eat something there like a salad bowl as long as I eat it mindfully and slowly so I don't scarf down the whole meal in one sitting.

It will be a challenge for sure! So I need to start planning now!

Lunch today was awesome! Before lunch I ran over to visit some family and since I knew I would be there for a bit, I had a Chobani Flip for a snack before heading over there. That for sure kept me full and satisfied till lunch.

Dinner tonight will be a taco salad using some of the Cilantro-Lime Rice we made last night, there is a lot leftover!

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