Stepping up my walk!

Today marked day two of my walk increase. In the evening we have been walking a 1/2 mile instead of 1/4 mile now. It's still pretty warm out, but it feels really good! I told my husband that once it gets cooler we are going to work our way up to 3/4 mile in the evening! I'll be also increasing my morning walk to 1/2 mile. I got in a tiny bit of jogging tonight, not much, but it was something.

Dinner was amazing, like usual whenever we have feta & spinach chicken sausage! I'm just purely addicted to Sprouts chicken sausage now, no shame. I paired mine up with a big salad, it's always a good pair for me since I tend to add some of my chicken to my salad.

I started drinking more green tea today, tomorrow I'll be drinking 3 cups a day (morning, noon, night) to aid in my weight loss! Good thing I love it already. Plus, I've needed the extra boost to help detox and "clean me out" lol

For lunch I whipped up a sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread (Good Seed) and some carrots with ranch. I really love this bread, I'm going to pick up another kind of that bread this weekend! I really want to try the Whole Wheat one.

One of my cats, Elvis, joined me on the zabuton this morning for meditation. Awwww! My other cat, Fish, just got neutered on Monday so he is still "walking it off", poor little guy. He should be good by Monday for sure, he has been frisky and so cuddly but I can tell he was a little slower this afternoon. He got a pain killer shot that lasts 3 days so it's wearing off I'm sure.

Tomorrow is weigh day!!! I'm excited! I'm more excited where I'm at on my Xmas challenge!

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