Weigh Day

First off, last night I curbed my late night snacking 100%! I had dinner and a bottle of ice water and had zero cravings for late night snacking! Yay!

This morning I stepped on the scale, I really didn't know what to expect... I lost 4.2 lbs this week, bringing the total to 15.2 lbs lost so far! I'll be honest, I didn't get excited, but that is because I'm not focused on the number for my victories. I'm focusing on how I feel for victories... but I'm sure I will celebrate when I'm down at least 50 lbs and more! I won't lie, it does feel awesome to see that scale move. I do know that I'm about 5 lbs away from my "save zone" with feet pain. When I'm out of the 300's my feet don't bother me, so I'm very close! I can feel the pain lessen every couple days as well. Which is awesome!

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