Weigh Day

This week I lost 2.2 lbs! I was kind of stuck at 303.4 since Monday, but today I dropped to 302.6! I can tell yesterday I was bloated, not fun. So with that extra morning walk, some lemon water, and using DiGize on my stomach, I think that helped bring it down. I still feel a tad bloated today but hopefully lots of water will help flush that water weigh out. I am starting in about a week, so I have a feeling next Friday's weigh day won't be too glorious lol! I tend to pack on about 5-6 lbs when I start in the first few days, but then I drop it after 4 days... ya, I know my cycle well!

My neck pain is slowly easing up, but I can still feel that pinch pain under my left shoulder blade edge. Yoga has really been helping though!! I changed up my morning routine yesterday and got up earlier so I stuck with that routine today and I love it a lot more! I'm able to relax and not watch the clock when I'm on my mat. So I can focus on getting a really good stretch. 

This morning I planned to do my short walk after I got back but I have to swing by my parents house first to pick up a new puzzle (yay!) so I think I will do my walk after that. I won't give myself time to think my way out of it either, just get out of the car and start walking.

Yay! It's Friday!!

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