Weigh Day!

Woot! I'm down 3.8 lbs this week, bringing my total to 26.8 lbs lost so far since August 5th! Very happy with today's weigh in.

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be talking about my Xmas Challenge on Fridays too! My goal is 30 lbs by Xmas, I started last week when it marked 15 weeks till Xmas. So this is my 2nd week in the challenge and I'm over 1.8 lbs this week! Yay!!

I took some "before" pics of me a couple weeks ago and I have them saved on my MacBook, so I plan to do new pics to compare when I hit 50 lbs lost... then I'll post them!! I'm excited and nervous, I'm hoping I see some visual changes even though I dropped a size so far.

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