What I've learned so far

When your trying to eat healthy or start a weightloss journey and your cutting out bad foods, it's really good to know why you are cutting certain foods and fats out. If you don't understand why a certain ingredient is bad for you, it will be hard to keep going. That is one of the biggest focus for me when I drop an item because it contains "this or that".

What I have cut out of my eating "plan" so far:
⭑ Fast Food - going on 23 days straight now since deciding to drop it completely
⭑ Soda - going strong for over 2 years now straight
⭑ Red Meat - just a couple days shy of a year without it
⭑ Pork - cut this out for ethical reasons and I did it the same day when I cut out fast food
⭑ Processed + Packaged Foods - with the exception of cheese, sour cream, and condiments from time to time
⭑ Large amounts of coffee - big shocker, but I went from a pot a day to 1-2 cups per week, if that
⭑ Munching - I have normal snacks but I do deep breathing before I snack to check in on my hunger
What have I increased or changed:
⭑ Fruits & Veggies - I make sure I have one or both of these with every meal and most times it's the main course on my plate
⭑ Salad Plates - I normally only use salad plates
⭑ Increased my movement - I went from sitting around to now taking two small walks a day, and daily yoga in the morning with a session in the evening once in a while
⭑ Mindfulness - main part of my new habits is to be mindful of how much I eat and what I eat
⭑ Meditation - I now meditate every morning, even if it's just 5 min
⭑ Read Labels and Ingredients! - just because the nutrition label looks good, there may be something hiding in the ingredients like vegetable oil, HFCS, etc
 Another things I have been doing is I keep several aps on my iPhone to help track my progress:
⭑ My Fitness Pal - I don't always track my food but I do track my weigh days⭑ Streaks - Here is where I keep track of how long I have had no soda, red meat, fast food, and pork⭑ Habit Streaks & irunurun - My goals are all tracked here (walking daily, meditations, yoga, etc)
Now, a lot of these things may either be a lot at once or they may not seem like enough depending who is reading this.

For me, it's just what I need to do... Before I started my journey, I was an avid fast food regular, sometimes I would end up having all my meals for the day in fast food form. I would overeat, mostly I was eating for three! My portions were bigger than my head at times... and I would often go back for seconds. I would finish off 1/2 an over pizza... sometimes even delivery, in one sitting. I would go through pints of ice cream a week, as well as load up on sugar snacks all through the day. My coffee was another thing... I would go to Sbux sometimes twice a day for "my drink" which was a Venti Iced Quad White Mocha no Whip (500 cal per drink) on top of making iced coffee at home. I was replacing water with juice, coffee, and chocolate milk. I would literally go a month without taking one sip of water, it was bad. I was breaking out, I was uncomfortable, I was bloated all the time...

One of my biggest motivations for getting on this health and weightloss journey is the fact that I have diabetes running on both sides of my family. I also have obesity running through my family, not to mention that my dad was adopted and has a close record, so I'm not even sure what runs in his family but he has his share of medical problems ranging from heart to diabetes.

Just wanted to write my thoughts today and share some of my story.
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