What's for dinner?!

Tonight we made some good stuff! We threw some BBQ chicken in the oven and made Cilantro-Lime Rice from a Chipotle copycat recipe found here. We also made some amazing potato wedges from this recipe here. It was such a good dinner!

My husband and I have been having fun exploring new recipe's that are healthy and made from whole ingredients. I've been trying to steer clear from packaged and processed foods, and I'll admit that I have been doing awesome with that!

Every day I feel more and more healthier. From the way I shop to the way I eat, even to the way I move my body. This afternoon I decided to attempt a yoga pose that I have been wanting to try, it was the Wild Thing. I found a simple transition into this pose and went for it! I only did my left side (my right leg over) since the other side of the mat to the right was tile and I had a feeling I would slip. But man, it felt awesome to get into that pose! It was very awkward for me but what I loved most was that I could do it!

I'm going to track down my iPhone stand so I can start photographing my yoga practice to see how I'm improving in my postures and stretches. I know it's in a box somewhere in the house, our garage still has some stacked boxes we need to unpack... we've been in the house for almost 4 months now!
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