What's on my Plate!

This morning I found greek yogurt in the fridge that I forgot I bought! I have a weird texture thing with yogurt in general, I need that crunch, so I poured 1/2c of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds... which is one of my favorite snacks ever! Add some fruit and bam, instant healthy breakfast!

I still have my pic of lunch on my iPhone, but I need to plug my phone in since my 6 year old played games till it died. Story of my life lol! For lunch I had a chicken and sharp cheese sandwich on whole wheat (cheese is the thin slices from Sargento and the chicken was low sodium) with carrots, little bit of ranch, and a banana that I ended up eating later as a snack.

Dinner is pizza! I'm trying not to eat processed as much but we have a Newman's Own pizza in the freezer, so we're throwing that in the oven. I had this the other night this week as well. It was around 225 calories for 2 slices, which I don't think is too bad. It's also multi-grain crust with flaxseed, it's way better than that sounds! So I'll be having two slices with a big ass salad with it. I'm really hoping to stay clear of munching tonight and I don't plan to buy anymore dried pineapple, it's too hard to eat just one ounce at a time... it's so good. So if I do munch, I cut up fresh watermelon and cantaloupe this morning!

I did two yoga sessions today, I'm trying to incorporate yoga into my day more than just in the morning. I spent way too much time online and on my phone this morning. I swear, I wasted several hours just starring at screens. So starting tomorrow, when I feel like grabbing the MacBook when bored, I'm heading straight to my room and stepping on my mat! I'm really getting more into yoga and I'm glad! My favorite exercise is walking and tennis (or badminton), but for strength and soul exercise I'm enjoying yoga for this!

Speaking of yoga! I tried the Mermaid Pose today with a block under my butt and my strap, I was so proud to get into this pose, even I needed some major mods! My right leg behind was much smoother than my left leg behind me, so I hope to include this pose into my practice to see how I improve over the next few weeks and months. I've also been loving Warrior II and Camel, I can grab my right foot in the Camel Pose so far!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -