When favorite shirts start fitting!

I had a NSV yesterday when I slipped on one of my favorite tee's. The shirt is normally not very loose, so I can see my "shape" through the front of the shirt. I put it on yesterday since I needed to do laundry and figured I'll change it after my clothes were washed.... it was loose! It actually fits like it should now. I can't see my stomach through the shirt, just hangs like normal. I was thrilled! This is a great little NSV!

Last night for dinner we made pasta. I haven't had pasta in months, I'm not a big pasta eater though either. We had a mason jar of whole wheat pasta shells, so we used that with some basic sauce and parmesan cheese. I was super mindful of my portion and it's hard to tell but the plate I used is actually a salad plate (I usually only use these plates to), so I think I had a total of a cup of pasta with sauce! Not bad at all, I was quite satisfied!

This morning I did my normal routine, which I guess is my new routine since I've added a morning walk. Whipped up a tasty breakfast when I got home from my walk! My yoga practice this morning was awesome, great flow and focus. I am grateful I have been sticking with it and making it a habit.

Today I plan to clean up a bit, take care of my daughter who was throwing up last night, and hopefully dive back into this book! I read the preface of Light on Yoga last night but didn't have a chance to actually start reading the book. So far it looks like a great read!

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