Confession and Goodies

Let's start with a confession today! Last night I snacked on too much dried pineapple before bed, I was worried about the sugar but I decided to not let it bug me and just move on this morning. I've been doing really good with my snacking in the evening. I try to have a snack a couple hours before bed if I really want one, I usually just bring a bowl of grapes in the bedroom with me while I journal and unwind.

Started my morning off with yoga and sitting. Yesterday I got an Infinity Strap in the mail!! I'm loving it! I used it this morning in my practice and man, that strap helped me get some stretches, I feel like jelly now (in a good way)! I also got the book Light on Yoga, it looked interesting and I saw that a lot of yogi's recommend it so I ordered a copy to read after I finish Savor. I'm almost done with that book!

For breakfast I had a thin wheat bagel with cream cheese and a bowl of watermelon... I will be raiding the watermelon again here soon, so good! I'll be putting in some steps this morning as I clean up the house, my mom is swinging by for a visit in a couple hours so I want the place to be tidy.

I was pretty lazy today, but I did get some walking in with dropping my daughter off at school and cleaning, as well as yoga this morning and a little practice this afternoon. However, I have stayed on track with my mindful eating! I've done super today! Lunch was simple but good! I'm currently planning out dinner... grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and some diced potatoes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -