Yoga Progress + Mail Day!

This morning I hit a big victory with being able to place both arms on the mat in Pigeon Pose... for both sides! My left side is slowly catching up to my right and I love it! I tried to grab a quick shot on myself in One-Legged King Pigeon Pose, hard to hold the pose with one hand lol!!

Still flying high with my weigh in this morning! Looking forward to the weekend, we found out that our Az Science Center is free this weekend and it's 4 stories, so I plan to get some nice walking in for sure!

I got an exciting new gadget in the mail today!!! I ordered a FitBit Flex yesterday and have been eyeing one for a while now, it's finally in my hands! Already set it up and strapped it on, love it already. Now I'm even more excited to go to the Science Center tomorrow, can't wait to feel the vibrate that I hit my goal.

Lunch was good! I was going to make a sandwich like yesterday but I decided to switch up for a big salad with carrots. Filled me up and I'm feel happy with my decision! Eating healthy hasn't felt like a chore at all, it feels like a lifestyle... I feel like I'm finally eating how I should have been the whole time. Then thinking how I rarely track my foods makes me feel even better! Diets don't work, I can see that fully now!

After wearing my Fitbit today, I reached my small step goal as we finished up our evening walk!

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