Yoga Progress + Meals

This morning I made huge progress in a pose, I was able to grab my ankles in Camel Pose!! I've been working on this pose in every practice and slowly have been inching closer and closer to grabbing them. I actually shrieked a little when I got into the pose.

I've also been working on a Downward Dog to Pigeon Pose transition that feels amazing. I did Pigeon without a block under my butt today as well. So some progress was made in that pose. I haven't done One-Legged King Pigeon in a couple days, trying to give my hips a bit of a rest, they have been sore the past few days but I think it's from adding some jog to my walks and not the poses.

For lunch I made finger foods, one of my favorite plates lately.

Of course, after mentioning my new walking "plan" today, we only did 1/4 mile in the evening since it was so hot out. I usually don't break a sweat till the end of the second lap but we were drenched after only half way through one lap. We did go to the store tonight though and walked the whole store, so I still feel pretty good about that!

We got to watch the eclipse from our yard tonight, our telescope was having trouble though so we couldn't really view it in big scale. It was gorgeous!

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