Yoga Rambling + Mindful Eating

It's September! Yay! I've been looking forward to Fall so much, even though it doesn't get very Autumn like here in Mesa. We have been having some crazy storms the past few nights, full of uprooted tree's and power outages. We lost power over the weekend for about an hour, then almost again on Sunday.

Anyways! I'm dropping the post title "Mindful Eating Diary", but if your following these posts you ca find them by the tag to the right in the column on the blog! Thought I would check in and write up a quick post on what I've done today. I may not post everything each day, like I may skip talking about dinner if it's too boring lol! But rest assure, I will mention if I slip up... which I don't plan to.

After a quick breakfast this morning I ran over to Sprouts after I dropped my daughter off at school. I was on one mission... to get cotton candy grapes and a yoga magazine I was eyeing the other day. My daughter shows interest in yoga, I have even taken her to a kids yoga class and she loved it. So when I saw Yoga Digest magazine featured kids yoga, I needed to grab a copy! One of the best yoga shows I have found is Cosmic Kids Yoga, love it! Even I practice along with the instructor at times!

I've been getting a little deeper in my yoga practice... well, maybe taking it more serious should be the right wording! I have a lot to grow in yoga, big time. I've been really enjoying the practice and have been picking up the lifestyle with it.

I decided to join in on a challenge called the Newbie Into Yoga on Instagram. I was going to post my progress pictures but for now I'm just playing along at home. Today was day one and it was the Cat/Cow Pose. I moved a big mirror into my room to stand up against the floor so I can check out my alignment. I'm glad I did! I've been doing this pose a few times and thought I was really aligned over my arms and knee's... nope! My knee's and hands were too far in, so I adjusted and it felt much better!

I'm having to baby my right wrist when I get on my hands with poses due to an injury that I've had since June (I keep re-injurying this wrist)... I really need to lay off that wrist and wrap it, or do the obvious and see a doctor!

Lunch! I almost forgot about lunch today, I was mentally thinking about lunch at 11am but then started to clean up and nearly an hour later I remembered! I was hungry to, so I'm not sure how I forgot that one. I have to use up the chicken salad I made yesterday so I made a sandwich with that on whole wheat with a big bowl of fresh pineapple and watermelon. I'll probably have a chicken salad sandwich tomorrow, one can makes 3 sandwiches for me, so 3 days of lunches!

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