60 days of no fast food!!!

Today marks 60 days of no fast food! Holy crap, I can't believe I've done it! Fast food was the hardest thing to cut out for me. Soda, red meat, and pork were much easier. Pork was easy since I only really ate sausage in breakfast sandwiches... that I got at fast food chains. So  once I dropped fast food, I dropped pork at the same time. So I'm also 60 days of no pork. Now, I dropped pork for ethical reasons, not really health or anything like that.

My end goal is to switch to vegetarian, I think I'm doing pretty well working towards that. The only meat I eat now is chicken and turkey, so I plan to eventually drop those hopefully next year. For now, I'm keeping those two in my plan since the veggies that are high in protein and such are ones I'm not too fond of. I need to add more foods to my "ok list", being a picky eater sucks! I'm trying to break my picky eating though, little by little!

So, my daughter was home again sick from school... so my day got switched up a bit. I was going to move my morning walk to this afternoon when my husband gets home, but now I have to run to the store later instead, so I'm going to get as many steps as I can at the store. Tomorrow morning I will hopefully be back on my routine so I'll move todays training to tomorrow! I'm just glad I'm staying on track regardless of how I shuffle my training days around. Hopefully next week will be normal lol! I'm increasing my walks to 1.25 miles next week since I've been doing a 1 mile walk for several week now. I will map out a route this weekend to use next week, but I think one lap inside our gated community and a partial outside on the sidewalks along the road should be 1.25 miles. We did that route the other day and I think it came to 1.28 miles, perfect!

ॐ Jess

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