Addict in the making + Mail Day!

After lunch today I really had the itch to go for a short walk, so I did. I wanted to go longer but I wore my jeans... and they are getting really loose on me, so the fight to keep my pants up won lol I'm hoping it's still light out after dinner so I can do another 1/2 mile, I swear I'm turning into an addict... the best kind! This wasn't a huge walk, but I got to kiss some calories good bye!

I decided to try out the new Amazon Prime Now (where they will deliver within 1-2 hours!! It's free for 2 hours, then the 1 hour cost a tiny bit, like $7 something. Still, thats a steal! I've been needing a new food scale so I ordered one, as well as Vega protein powder for morning smoothies. I have wanted to try Shakeology for years but just don't want to pay that much right now, so I figure I would see how I like shakes/smoothies in the morning before I do order.

I heard good things about the Vega powder, I was looking for a vegan based powder as well and almost ordered the Garden of Life RAW one, but the Amazon Prime Now only had it in vanilla, and I heard the vanilla isn't the best. I want CHOCOLATE! Will try this tomorrow after my walk!

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