Another Mile + Meals

This morning when I got up I took a peek of the weather and it was 67°!! Yes! I have never gotten dressed so fast to go on a walk, I didn't want to temp to budge. I did 3 laps, which came out to 1.01 miles, woot!

Came home and stepped on the yoga mat for short practice, meditated, then whipped up a quick breakfast. My husband made some croissants so I caved and had one (only 100 calories each, not bad). After my walk, I really wasn't wanting to do any yoga, I was just worn out... but I'm glad I did. I feel much better and stretched out now.

My iPhone was dead most of the day, but I did manage to take a quick shot of lunch and dinner! Before dinner we all went to see Hotel Transylvania 2, was so cute! I did really well at the theater, was worried about not having a snack that wasn't junk food so I saw they had cinnamon glazed cashews. Not the healthiest but it was the best choice for sure! I also grabbed a bottle water.

Dinner was chicken soft taco's! We picked up some small tortilla's at Sprouts on the way home from the movies, they look and taste really good! I feel like I ate a ton today but I only ate around 1300 calories based off My Fitness Pal. Even my sodium, sugar, and carbs were under... though I'm writing this directly after dinner lol!

I'm heading out for an evening walk, aiming for 1 mile again!

ॐ Jess

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