Another NSV!

Yesterday I didn't go for both my walks (morning and evening), today I feel so off. This morning I managed to get my yoga practice in, but my daughter woke up in the middle of it and wanted to take a shower, so I have yet to sit for meditation. I know this week is not like this every week, I just don't want it to throw me off track with my exercise. I have to do my walk this evening, I feel I was full of excuses yesterday for it... though I did at least walk to get the mail. My eating has been good, though I did have some after dinner nachos (tortilla chip strips, shredded cheese, and some sour cream), it was a small portion though! But still, I don't like after dinner snacking at all, especially with something salty (it will only bloat me up in the morning, which it did).

Ok, enough complaining and ranting! This is a new day, I didn't do bad yesterday. To help with any bloating, I'm cutting out bread today, maybe tomorrow too. Doing that always helps me kick the bloat quick.

Breakfast I had a bowl of oranges and apples, with iced coffee (after I chugged a bottle of water).

So, before I made lunch today, I caught myself in the mirror and noticed just how loose my clothes were today. I've had this tee during my heaviest weight (320) and while it is supposed to be a 3x, I've stretched it it out to the max so it is no longer fitting on me... I'm officially in a size 3x tee (I have a big bust, so it makes sense lol) and my new size 24 jeans are falling off me. I think I'm in between 22 and 24 now, so I'm hoping to make it till the end of next month before I buy a new pair of jeans. HOW AWESOME!!! It was a nice, yet frustrating, non-scale victory this morning. The frustrating part is nothing seems to fit these days lol

I'm limiting myself to one pair of jeans and 2-3 tee's in each size. I'm saving all my tee's for a memory quilt at the end of my journey, it will be a reminder of not just how much weight I've lost, but my journey getting there.

ॐ Jess

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