Back on schedule today!!

Yay! My daughter is back to school so I was able to actually walk this morning! I aimed for a mile but went over, which is totally ok! I added a lot more light jogging to my walk, I was shocked I could add that much too. I would guess that I did intervals of about 1/4 a mile in jogging... not bad!

I'm hoping to be on my feet most of the day since I'm hitting the dye pots with 10 skeins of yarn! I want to get the house clean, dye yarn, and then I'm planning to relax and convert my big A5 Filofax planner into a yoga inspirational planner and pose progress tracker!! Very excited and glad I thought of this lol

Eating light today so I made a finger food lunch. These lunches have been my favorite "go-to" lately! I did save some left over teriyaki chicken and basmati rice that we made last night, but with weigh in tomorrow, I really want to watch my sodium so I don't bloat up like a balloon one day before lol!

I found some somewhat healthy crackers yesterday at the store. They are the Special K Multi-Grain crackers, 24 crackers for 120 calories with no trans or saturated fat. I had a couple today with sharp white cheddar, they were good!

Dinner will most likely be grilled chicken and a salad!

ॐ Jess

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