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My daughter went back to school today and my husband took the day off since it was our 8 year anniversary! So after we dropped her off at school we both did a mile walk (I had to move yesterdays training to this morning). We managed to grab coffee out and then tried to make our way over to a local plant nursery... then got the call from the school nurse that she wasn't feeling well, so we had to cancel our plans and pick her up. She had a lose tooth for a couple days now and I think the anxiety of it got to her, her first two teeth were the same. She just hates loose teeth. So she slept for a few hours and woke up with her tooth missing (thankfully!) and was "much better" lol So glad that is over... until the next one.

So tomorrow is another 5k training day, then not again until Friday! I'm going to do strength training on Thursday. This morning I did pretty well on our walk, I did a little more than a mile and an ok pace.

We did another walk this afternoon, just for a 1/2 mile or so. The weather was awesome today, finally! It was around 73° and windy, just perfect! So I was itching to go back out for a walk again.

It's so crazy to me to think that in August when I started this journey, I could barely finish 1/2 mile. Now I'm starting to add a bit of light jogging into my walks... not a lot, but some! I really think if I keep up my routine, I will be able to jog in my first 5k in Feb!

Dinner was grilled chicken with a big salad, I've been craving it all day! My husbands cooking is so good!

ॐ Jess

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