Costco Walking + NSV

This morning while picking out a t-shirt to wear, I decided to take a peek in the back of my closet (where I keep my smaller sizes) and tried on a 3x tee that ran a bit small. To my surprise... it fits! With room! Was super happy, I loved this shirt when I bought it but I could only wear it once, then washed it and it shrunk up. I hate when that happens!!

Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm very excited! I'll admit, I've taken some peeks at the scale throughout the week and today I had a big smile on my face, but I don't count any numbers as legit until my "official weigh day". So we shall see tomorrow morning!!

I ran to Costco with my mom today and decided to track this as an exercise with my Fitbit, was curious to see how much walking I did. Almost a mile in around an hour, we walked slow lol

Came home from Costco super hungry! I did really well with staying away from the orange chicken cart that was going out samples... I could smell it through the store. I was so close to giving in, I kept trying to tell myself "it's ok, it's not cheating, just have one"... then I started to remember how much crap is added to it, I could make it healthier at home. Proud of myself, I guess I could call that a victory in itself.

ॐ Jess

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