Deeper look into my planner!

I get asked a lot about my planner and how I use it on my health journey, so I thought I would go a little more in depth about it and all the pages I use and how I have them set up! I'll be going through the pages from beginning to end in order. The planner I use is a Happy Planner by Mambi. I got mine at my local Michaels craft store with a 50% coupon using their phone app, they are normally around $24.99 but I got mine for $12.50! Mambi did announce a planner kit just for health that I am eyeing, so I'm not sure if I will switch to that or stick to my current one. I would hate to transfer everything over after setting this all up lol A little warning: I love goals, I love planners... I'm a bit cray - cray, I'll admit lol!

The first section in my planner was the add on bundle called the "Home Planner" but I ended up not using all of the sections except the "to do" section for all of this. I used washi tape to cover up the page headers.

(Also, you can click the pictures to enlarge them!)

Ok, the first page is for my 5k training. After I figured out a training plan that worked for me and my pace, I created this page. I can keep track of my miles and time for each training day. I currently use a Fitbit Flex for my step count and also Map My Run for my training logs, I have these paired together so my logged walks update on my Fitbit and I don't have to add in the workout.

Next page is my Weight Goals. These are like little milestones (yes, I accidentally skipped 45 lbs lol). I keep track of the date I reached these so I can get a somewhat idea of how long it may take to get to the next milestone and such. Plus, it's just neat to see how far you've come in a certain time frame!

The next page is more of a visual weight goal list! Here is where I like to mark off every pound I lose so I can see the graph fill up. I use this instead of the marbles in the jar thing. I only count full pounds though, so like today I'm at 38.4 lbs lost, I'll just count the 38 lbs.

Next up are my measurements! This is a fairly new page since I didn't log my inches from the start, I started tracking them on October 1st and will only check my measurements on the last Friday of the month... which is next week!! So excited, hoping to see a difference!

The next page is my Xmas Challenge! I will swap this out with a new challenge after Xmas. I think challenges help to keep you working hard and push you to hit those goals. As you can see, I didn't reach my goal on one weigh day, but since I'm over on all the others, it's ok! lol My goal here is to lose 2 lbs a week for 15 weeks. I started when there was exactly 15 weeks till Xmas. So losing 2 lbs a week will put me at 30 lbs for Xmas, plus what I lost prior to this challenge.

The last page are my NSV goals. I add to this often! These are things I want to feel and achieve through my weight loss, like hiking or being able to jog a 5k, etc.

Next up is my actual planner pages. My month page has goals written for that month on the left sidebar. I put big milestone goals there based off my past weight loss efforts, so I know what I am capable of. Since I keep a 2 lb goal each week, I add up those 2 lbs with how many Friday's there are in that month and make that my main goal. So this month there are 5 Fridays, so my goal is 10 lbs. The green sticky has my week days for weigh in's, those are for my Xmas challenge.

The last Friday of the month I put my goal weight target! This month I passed my goal weight a week early by 2 ounces!!

Finally, the last part, my weekly spread and quick glance for the next month! Can you tell I'm a little addicted to goals and planning?!

On each week spread, I write down my mini goals for that week which is to lose 2 lbs and my fitness. Seeing the smaller goal is much easier to achieve than looking at the big picture for me.

The last page is a quick glance for the next month. These pages are at the end of my current week section. I write down my goals for that month, that will then go on the month page when that month starts (like the above pic).

ॐ Jess

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