I jogged 422 feet, twice!!

OMG! I jogged my longest stretch yet and I'm so excited lol I started out in August only being able to jog about 50 feet, and that was tough for me... this morning I jogged 422 feet, twice on my first lap! TWO TIMES! I tried to go longer but my calves were like "nope!". Super proud of myself, it seems silly to be so excited over jogging, but I am!

Also, on my walk I reached up to wipe sweat off my neck and noticed I could feel my collarbones starting to peek through. I haven't seen my collarbones since 2001. I'm starting to see some shape slowly take shape! Yay for NSV!

I'm trying to switch things up today since weigh day is tomorrow, so I'll be adding in a short 1/4 mile walk after lunch today and will be doing at least 2 laps after dinner (1/2 mile). I saw the scale this morning and I'm .8 lbs away from seeing 279 on the scale! I'm also so close to the 40 lb mark, it will happen either this weigh in or next, I just know it!

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