It's Friday!!

Ok, I know I did two other blog posts today... but oh well lol! One was my "weigh day" and the other was just some info I wanted to share, now on to my day! Today completed my first week of my 5k training!! I loved my walking route from the other day so I decided to repeat it. I also took a picture of this coffee truck that is in our gated community, I really need to stalk him down before he goes on his route! Maybe he'll deliver to my door lol!

On Fridays I tend to relax a tad with my eating, I don't do any cheats, but I just ease up a tad. I saved some of the teriyaki chicken we made the other night for dinner, wanted to eat it yesterday but with the sodium... didn't want to chance it the day before weigh day! We made it from scratch, sauce and all, was so good! We made it with basmati rice, my favorite!

After I picked up my daughter from school I decided to whip up a little finger food snack to graze on till dinner. Organic carrots, some Marie's ranch, white extra sharp cheese (my favorite), whole grain crackers, and some cashews!

ॐ Jess

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