It's Saturday!

Started off my morning with my walk! I did my planned 1.25 miles to the dot lol Came back home and whipped up breakfast after a shower. I was a little looser with my eating yesterday (like usual on Fridays) so I'm back at it today! I'm finally getting to that point where I can jump back into my routine without falling off track, that is big progress! Still won't have any cheat meals yet, but I will one day!

I noticed something in my new progress picture comparison, my jeans! The left pic was when I dropped to a size 24 and they were new, the right is the same jeans today. I'm hoping by the end of November I will be in the next size... that would be AMAZING! I have't been in a size 22 since like 2007 I think.

We are having family over for a bbq today before we head out trick or treating with my daughter. I picked up some last minute table decorations to make it a tad more festive... I waited to the last minute completely but the bbq wasn't planned till yesterday. Thinking of starting a Halloween bbq tradition every year! Would be fun!

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