Midweek Walk + New Gear

Staying on track with my training schedule this week, I did my walk this morning and actually went a tad bit further! Burned off the calories I had for breakfast doing it too, yes! Next week I'm aiming for 1.25 miles again, then I will up it to 1.5 miles the following week. That will be the longest walk I have done to date yet, I got this!

I ran by Target after dropping my daughter off at school and finally picked up the matching weight to the one I have at home, as well as some resistance bands. I gave the bands a go after I got back... they are no joke lol! I'm beat! I need to write up a workout for them tonight to use next time, I've been pinning ideas all morning!

Lunch was another finger food plate! I saved some extra grilled chicken from last night, but I just wasn't feeling it by the time lunch rolled around. I'm trying to stay clear of bread this week, at least until Friday. I finally got my bloating back down with tons and tons of water, my jeans were falling down this morning, so that's a good sign lol!

I'm also trying to cut back on ranch since I use it on my salads and for veggies, so I'm sticking with it only on my salads... we will see just how long that will last lol

ॐ Jess

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