It's a new week! I didn't post anything yesterday because I didn't use my phone for pictures at all yesterday, between my daughter killing my battery watching YouTube kids and then a bbq at a friends house, I skipped them. I did really well though, all good eats!

This morning I started week two of my 5k training!! I upped my miles to 1.25 this morning and will do that goal all this week and next week. I did really well this morning, I decided to ignore my time and just work on endurance and a steady pace.

Breakfast was a big bowl of pineapple. I chopped it up last night and totally grazed on it too lol! It's already gone this morning, I'll need to pick up more this week, it was so sweet!!

Lunch was a big salad with turkey, feta, shredded carrot, and ranch. The carrots were sweet, it was so good!

I ran by the post office after lunch and picked up a couple things at the store, including a new fitness magazine. I'm working on a "vision board" planner so I needed some fitness inspiration, I already have a small stack of yoga magazine's that I've read so I'll be using those too! Will post pics when I finish it!

Looking at some of my NSV goals, I saw that I wrote down "ride a bike" as one. I saw that Republic Bike does custom bicycles and their weight capacity is 220 lbs. So I started to rethink my 100 lb goal reward, I would be at exactly 220 if I dropped 100 lbs... so what better reward than to get a bike when I hit that goal! I'm even more determined to hit 100 lbs lost now!

Dinner was garlic & green onion chicken sausage with a salad and cottage cheese. I woke up bloated (again... ugh) so I'm drinking a gallon jug of water today. I bloat so easy, it sucks!

Other than that, I think that wraps up Monday! :)

ॐ Jess

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