Planner Peek + Meals

This morning I got back to walking, I have been taking a few mornings off here and there and feel so out of balance because of it. I've been doing our evening walks, but have skipped it a couple times this past week. I felt some excuses piling up so I needed to push myself this morning and just go walk, clear my head, and enjoy it! So glad I did, I beat my best mile so far too.

I got my planner set up for this coming week. Sundays are always my favorite for planner days, I get to pull out all my washi tape and stickers, then design out my theme. I went with greens, golds, and pale yellows this week.

Lunch was yummy! I'm still obsessed with Dave't Killer Bread, we picked up more Blue's Bread today at the store!

Going to clean for the rest of the day and kick back, might even cast on another knitting project. I have like 7 on the needles, but what's one more... right? My Hedgehog "Birthday Cake" is calling my name and I want to reknit the Stephen West Dustland hat again!

Dinner will be some chicken sausage! We picked up some green onion and garlic ones this time to try, they sound good!

ॐ Jess

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