Prepping for... a 5k!!!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned on FB that a big goal of mine was to do a 5k... so my Aunt's partner said "let's do it!". I'll admit, I was a bit nervous. The thought of one has been exciting, but when I heard those words, I freaked lol! We are planning to do the Flavor Run in February, so I have 4 months to train and prep for it.

Monday will be my official start of my training, but I started this morning with my normal mile walk. I'll be training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. I have created a plan to stick with and a walking log in my planner so I can keep track of my actual miles walked and time.

I am so excited!! This has been a huge goal of mine for years, I always wanted to do a 5k but never thought I could. I'm planning to walk my first 5k... but maybe I'll add a little jog in, we will see how I do with my training! I would like to add in some leg and arm workouts as well soon to help build more muscle.

ॐ Jess

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