Reached 1 Mile!

This morning I was pretty busy and didn't have a chance to snap a shot of my yoga practice or breakfast. Feel really off from that! So I made sure I got a pic of lunch. I missed my walk this morning, but I will be back on track with that this evening, promise! I thought I was going to run some errands with my Mom but then I decided not to, so by that time it was too warm outside. But, today starts the double digits in temps!! So now the heat will slowly start go away, next week I see lots of days in the 80's, awesome!

It's been a slow day, very lazy day but I still got some stuff done. I've been floating on cloud 9 today for some reason, my little weight loss really got me excited... I think I was more excited that I broke past this little plateau this week, I was thrilled to see a new number on the scale. For the first time, I feel like this is my lifestyle and it's comfortable. With the other times I tried a health journey, I fell off track quite easily with doubts. With Weight Watchers, I was constantly thinking "will I have to pay a fee for the rest of my life just to keep a normal weight?". I didn't want to be stuck on a system or payment plan to live naturally, and I also didn't want to count calories or points for years either. I just wanted to eat normally and enjoy life, I think I have found it!

This morning I got to cross out more X's on my 50 lb goal charts! Excited to see it fill up more and more, really feels like I'm making progress when I see it written down like this.

Tonight I did my longest walk in one workout! I did 1.06 miles, I thought I only did 3/4 a mile since I went around our community 3 times, but I guess not! That is awesome! I'm super proud of myself! Now that I know it's only a mile if I walk 3 times around, I'm going to aim for that on all my walks. I mean business with the scale next week, I want to break through to 30 lbs lost so bad!

ॐ Jess

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