Reward Planning!

I think it's a great idea to reward yourself in a weight loss or health journey... but not with food! You are not a dog. I have decided on three rewards so far for my journey!

My 50 lb loss reward has already been on my mind even before I started this journey. I have wanted an Om tattoo for a couple years now. It holds a space in my heart and has been part of my meditation and yoga journey. This tattoo will go on my upper forearm in a brush script!

The next one, I'm rewarding myself with a Sugarskull kettlebell by Demonbells when I complete my first 5k! This was on my reward list years ago when I was on another health journey but I fell off track and gave up. I have wanted one of these for ages!! I'm working on a strength training workout to start on Tuesday this week too!

Last is yet another tattoo, but this one has a lot of personal meaning to me. I want a Ganesh on my upper arm. He plays a very key focus in my journey and represents breaking through obstacles. Also, my Great Grandmother (Granny), loved elephants. She lived in Thailand and Saudi Arabia for several years while working for the government and I always remember her home filled with Buddha's and elephants. This is my 100 lb loss reward to remind me of the obstacles I have have broken through with my weight loss and health, as well as a memorial to Granny.

ॐ Jess


  1. Thank you for publicly sharing your health adventure! It is so rare to find people at your phase in the journey and be able to watch it live. I'm so excited to watch you meet your goals and I'm totally doing it with you! I've gotten all inspired by you and a few other bloggers and now I'm ready to refine things! I've linked to you from my site ( so that people can catch you being your honest, down to earth and amazing self. Thank you for the inspiration ❤️
    Speaking of inspiration, I have paper envy. I've been smash booking this Ryan and thought it was a straightforward way to go about capturing my life, but now I see your planner and I'm all excited. I may need to change how I do my days...
    Anyhow, keep being awesome!!!

    1. omg! Thank you so much for your comment, that literally made my day! You are a huge inspiration to me! Love planners, journals, and everything paper too!! It can be quite addictive lol! Thanks for the link!! <3


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