It's Saturday! My daughter is off school for a week for October Break, so unless she wants to go on walks with me in the morning this week, they may be limited to evening walks, boo. At least my eating will be good though! Thursday is grocery day, can't wait to stock up again, but I still have some melons and fruit to dig into When I run out of fruit, then I panic lol!

Breakfast was simple, Honeycrisp apple and Chobani. Lunch, I was so hungry since we didn't get home until noon (I usually eat lunch at 11) so I made a sandwich, saving my salad for dinner! We are thinking about making shredded buffalo chicken wraps on romaine, so we'll see! I may just throw my chicken on a bed of lettuce and make a big salad... that does sound good!

Dinner tonight was so good! We made shredded buffalo chicken with romaine wraps, salad, and organic carrots. It was really tasty!!

we have been trying to mix things up a bit with dinner's. I'm totally one to eat the same thing everyday and enjoy it, but my husband gets bored. So tonight was a nice change! Plus, I have lots of chicken left over for a big salad for lunch tomorrow!

ॐ Jess

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