Vision Boards + Food!

Started my day with a mile walk and it was so nice! It was only 68° out, but humidity was up at 56%, not bad though at all. I did three laps around the inside of our gated community, it's a boring walk but I didn't want to walk by the road today, I'll save that for tomorrows training day. I have yet to add strength training into my week, I really need to get on that! I was thinking about checking out Planet Fitness this week to get some info, it's right around the corner from me. Even if I went there 2-3 days a week after dropping my daughter at school.... hmmm...

Before lunch, I moved some furniture around in the dining room. We moved into this house in June and the dining room has been a blank slate since! It has a massive white wall that has left me completely stumped on how to decorate it or what to put there. So I pulled out the center leaf in our dining table and moved in a big shelf, now it's starting to look like a dining room!

I also whipped up a vision board for my planner!! I mentioned before that I use a Happy Planner, so I pulled a page out and cut a new white cardstock sheet to size. Then glued down a bunch of magazine cuts, then ran the whole thing through my laminator and trimmed it back up. Boom, instant planner vision board! Now it's the first thing I see when I open my planner! Love it!

Lunch was good!! I cooked up an extra link of garlic & green onion chicken sausage last night to save for lunch today. Just made a simple romaine salad with two organic carrots, so good! While making lunch I noticed that I was really feeling less bloated, score! I drank a gallon on water yesterday and I'm doing the same again today in hopes to get this bloating down before weigh in on Friday. I got goals to meet, no time for bloating!

ॐ Jess

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