Well, today turn a different turn...

My plan to start my 5k training has already been rerouted... on day one! My daughter woke up not feeling well and had a fever, so I kept her home from school. That means, no morning walk... in the nice 73° weather. Instead, I'm moving my walk to the evening when my husband gets home from work! It will be around 81° out but still not bad, beats 115°! So I'm still staying on track with y training even with this little hiccup, I am a little sad, I was really looking forward to my walk this morning but it's ok.

I did get back on the mat this morning for a yoga session, finally! I maybe stepped on the mat 1-2 times last week and felt so off because of it. I didn't even sit for meditation last week, ack! I missed my routine and I'm glad to be back at it. I feel more "awake" today, glad it's a new week and school is back in session.

I woke up a tad bloated this morning. Looked over my food log from yesterday, no high sodium, so my guess is that I didn't drink enough water yesterday and the chicken burritos we made for dinner was the culprit. I'm upping my water intake today and staying away from bread for the next couple days. Already had a big bowl of apple slices, lots of water, and even an iced coffee... bloating seems to be going away, yay! I always like to step on the scale after the weekend to see what I'm working with for the week lol! I kept under my calorie budget but the bloating upped me a couple ounces, which is an easy fix this week! I got this, can't wait till next week when I get to take a new progress pic and do my measurements!!

** Update ** Couldn't make it out to a walk today, ERRRR. By the time dinner was done and it was cooler out, the sun was down and it was dark. I don't like walking at night alone in the dark. SO, I'm moving my training day to Tuesday morning!!

ॐ Jess

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